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Framed prints

One of a kind framed art prints

100% “Love it” guarantee for life!

Professional Framing

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Why Us

We will frame your photos with professionally and deliver it to you


The perfect complement to your photos or digital art

Every image is carefully printed on premium 255gsm vibrant luster fine art paper, ideal for high resolution digital art and photographic imagery. The results? A crisp, high-quality and detailed image print.


We even include the nail

Each framed art print comes fully mounted and ready to hang on your wall. Our wooden frames are handmade and finished with a vinyl coating in either black, white or espresso.


Keep your images looking fresh

To keep your photo protected, all of our framed art comes with a crystal clear, low-glare Plexiglas insert.


To mat or not to mat, the choice is up to you

For any of our photo frame options you can choose to have your image fitted with a 2.5” border of archival bright white mat material.


Have a specific space to fill? No problem

We have a ton of custom and standard picture frame sizes available. We can set you up with a framed art print at just about any shape or size.


Framed your Prints

What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to creating the highest-quality canvas prints out there

100% “Love it” guarantee for life!


Our customers have rated us 4.2 out of 5 based on 335 reviews and counting!


Check the frequent questions and answers

Designed for artwork that is printed or painted on canvas, floater frames give art the illusion of floating inside the picture frame without touching it, which creates an interesting visual detail and a sense of three-dimensional depth in the overall display.

A Floater Frame provides extra space around the canvas and can make is seem like the artwork is floating, hence the name. The floater frame provides a very safe space for the picture housed inside it and often compliments the artwork by adding a three-dimensional feel.

Traditional frames have a lip (officially called rabbet), which holds the art, glass, mats and backing and the art is mounted through the back of the frame. Floater frames are ideal for framing thick gallery wrapped Canvas art, because none of the art is obscured by the lip of a traditional picture frame.

The short answer is this: if the canvas is stretched and you're happy with how the sides of it look, you can display unframed. A painting or print on canvas, unlike works on paper, has a structure and shape all its own. I certainly don't frame all of my canvases. If I framed it, the art would be compromised.

There is no need to frame an oil painting under glass if it's painted on canvas, panel, or board. Glass is used in framing to protect the artwork from moisture and harmful UV rays which can fade the colors. The oil paint itself does not need the protection, but the paper does.

After the printing process, the images get stretched onto a frame. A mounted print, on the other hand, is where the image is printed on a paper print and attached to a backing board. Mounted print allows you to not only preserve the photo, but to also prepare it for hanging or framing

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